Friday, April 10, 2009

Inquiring minds want to know...

How am I feeling...

How am I doing???

Lots of friends have noticed that I have been blogging with out sharing my feelings lately.

Today I feel blessed. I am amazed at all the blessings that God has chosen to give me.

I have been thinking about where I was 1 year ago and where I am today. One year ago I was 24 weeks pregnant and just beginning the grieving process for our tiny 1 pound son. I was filled with an unknown future and a heavy heart.

Today I can look back and see everything that God was doing in my life. He was blessing me beyond measure.

He gave me 2 hours and 50 minutes with one of the cutest, most precious, lovable little boy's I have ever met. A little boy that loved to cuddle with me and look around for his daddy. This same little boy that is ALIVE right now in the arms of Jesus! I am truly amazed at the thought of the beauty that Timothy is experiencing today because God blessed him with life.

Little did I know that he would continue to bless us with another child. A little baby that kicks and rolls just to remind me that s/he is here to stay. A little one that we will be able to bring home and watch grow up. Our children will even be able to fight over who gets to hold Mocha all day long (and I do mean fight...they sure love babies!).

I am truly blessed by my husband. He has been super supportive with my many, many, many ups and downs. He has been willing to pick me up when I am down, but more then that,he has been willing to carry me. He is an amazing man. He blesses me with chocolate, flowers, and even sleep!

I have wonderful children, awesome friends, and a great family. God is good...and I am blessed.

I will leave you tonight with a couple pictures of my biggest blessings.

And a brand new picture of Mocha giving us a thumbs up. I should say a very tired Mocha. I have never watched a baby yawn so big or so many times! At least 3 times in a row! Do you think that it is possible for my fatigue to rub off on Mocha???