Friday, June 4, 2010

My best friends daughter...

Abby was only 8 years old when Timothy was born. She was never able to see him or hold him.

But she truly loved him.

She is an amazing 4th grader now. I was greatly blessed and honored late last week when she spoke at her school's "compassion" assembly about Timothy. She spent a lot of time and put a ton of thought about what she wanted to share, then she got up in front of her entire school and told everyone about our Timothy. She told everyone about the hopes and dreams we had for him, the love we have for him, how it we missed him when her brother and his best friend Jonathan was born, and how we have continued to celebrate his life.

After she was done telling Timothy's story she presented me with a Mother's day gift from him.
Wow! A blessed and wonderful day (even with a few tears)...

Shhhh...don't tell but I allowed Austin to miss school so he could come and be apart of an extra special Timothy day. Did you notice that it was Mayla first time wearing her Timothy shirt??

Thank you for sharing your love for Timothy with me, your family, friends, teachers and your entire school. You are an amazing young woman. I love that you have been a great friend to my children. Emma loves and adores you.
I can't wait to continue watching you grow up into a wonderful woman just like your mom.
Love you,