Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Better late then never

This week has been a busy one. I spent most of my time getting prepared for our only camping trip this year. We have a tent trailer that allows us to go camping with heat, running water, and the most comfortable uncomfortable beds we have ever slept on. We love camping and look forward to it all year long. If fact we are a little bummed that we won't be able to do any more this year but we are getting closer to Mocha's arrival so we don't want to go too far away from home.

Last week Kyle took some more pictures of Mocha for us. She even gave us a cute little video of her mouth opening. It makes me giggle every time I see it. This little girl sure is cute! Kyle...thank you so much for giving us time with Mocha. You are a great and awesome friend. I can hardly wait until I get to bring her out for you to see and hold.

And...I think that she has a real name! I have had fun with some IRL friends when they ask me if we are really naming her Mocha. I look at them and say..."Yes! Isn't it the cutest name you have ever heard?" More then once I have been given a crazy look as they don't know how to respond. I will play it up for a few minutes then give in and tell them that her name is not Mocha...

As much as we love her name, we won't tell anyone what it is until after she arrives. With the exception of Timothy, we have always waited to share our children's names. I like to have a couple to choose from, so when we see and hold the new arrival we can give them a name that fit's them. Right now we only have one name picked I really hope that it fits!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Sunday, May 10, 2009

A new kind of Mother's Day

As we celebrated Mothers day this year I realized that it would never be the same. I quickly found out that as I continue to celebrate the children that I have in my arms (and belly), I also have to learn how to celebrate the one that is in my heart. My goal is to learn how to do this with joy.

As we drove to Timothy's park today, I couldn't help but think about our past and our future at the same time. It feels almost unreal to think about what could have been and what will be. I am so thankful for all of the children that God has given us. I love each one of them for who they are. I love Timothy for who he was. I love Mocha for who he/she will be.

I was amazed as we pulled into the cemetery. Have you ever been to a cemetery on Mothers Day? We have gone to Timothy's park many, many times in the last 9 months. On most visits we are the only visitors there. On a rare occasion another couple or family will be visiting. But today...WOW. Cars lined the streets. Visitors were everywhere. Tons and tons of flowers. And as we spent time with Timothy I couldn't help thinking about the holiday that the entire Nation celebrates.

Mother's day is a day of celebration right? I always thought so. But I have a new understanding for this holiday. Today I spent time thinking about all the children that have lost their mom's and can't do that Mother's day craft in their class or don't have a mom to give them a hug. All of the adults that have lost their mom's and don't have anyone to bring flowers to or call and chat with. The mom's that want to be close to their children but because of distance or circumstances that is not a possibility. The mom's that have their children forget them on this day. All of the women that desperately want to be mother's but have not been blessed to have children. And all of the mothers that have to go to the cemetery to visit their children.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

family resemblance?

In addition to the March for Babies this weekend (see post below), Kevin and I also had some bonding time with Mocha.

If you are a long time blog reader you already know that I had several 3D/4D ultrasound done with Timothy. If you would like to see those cool pictures you can click here or here or here or here.

Shortly after I announced on blogger that I was expecting again I received an email from one of the sonographers that allowed us to spent so much time with our son. She explained that she has opened a brand new location and would love to give us the gift of a 3D/4D ultrasound with Mocha! I was blown away by her generosity. Of course I quickly agreed and made the appointment.

Kyle is truly amazing. Her new office is in Issaquah, Washington and I would HIGHLY recommend having one of these scans done. She would love to take a peek at your baby with you! Check out her web site at

She spent an hour with us and we had a great time. It was awesome to see this new little life spring forth with personality.

Most of you already know this but I have been struggling a little with bonding with this pregnancy and baby. I am not sure why but I assume that it has a lot to do with fear and grief. Over the last few weeks these feeling have started to melt away. I find myself falling in love with Mocha.

After this ultrasound I can most defiantly say that Mocha has stolen my heart. It was amazing.

I loved seeing chubby cheeks and long straight fingers (which is a HUGE deal after having a T18 baby). Mocha spent some time sleeping then woke up and made cute and funny faces at us.

When we had our original ultrasound we asked our sonogragher to put the gender in an envelope for us. Since I didn't see the gender on the screen it was hard to trust that it was correct. But I was thrilled because it turns out that we don't have a shy baby. I now know first hand that the gender is real. We saw it over and over again! In fact... I am thinking that I might be willing to spill the beans soon. So stay tuned...

Just look at these pictures! I can already see a little Currey in the making. Mocha is only 26 weeks right now but already looks like our other children.

Check out that smile!

I love those long fingers

Can you believe that mouth? I told you this kid could yawn!

I see a tired baby!

Look closely...there is a tongue in that mouth!

The Walk

I am extremely happy about how wonderful our walk went today! We had a great time and awesome weather. I had been watching the weather report daily for the last 10 days and everyday was the same...50 degrees and rain. I went out and bought rain slickers for the kids and prepared for the worst. This morning when we woke up the first thing I did was peek out the window. You will never believe what I saw. SUN! God truly blessed our walk today.

For those of you that don't know, the March for Babies provides a victory van for the walkers that have a hard time completing the full walk. I am thrilled to say that even though there were 22 children on our team, we did not need to use that van. I have to admit that part of our group (me included) was the last ones to complete the walk but we did it! It was kind of funny because we had the victory van closely following us on the way back. We kept watching it get closer and closer until it was literally pushing us over the finish line! I had a great time but next year I plan to put my children (any myself) through a training program first!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What? No more pizza! No more cinnamon rolls?!

Tomorrow is our big day! I can't wait for our first March for Babies. Our team has done a FANTASTIC job of fundraising! We have raised over $1600.00!!

I have been very busy over the last 3 weeks. I am thrilled with the amount of orders we have received for the pizza and cinnamon rolls. We have made 92 pizza's and 62 pans of rolls. That means that I have made 744 cinnamon rolls! Okay I did have a little help...but still...that is a lot of dough!

Here is a few pictures of what we have been busy doing lately. Yep-my belly is getting bigger!