Saturday, May 2, 2009

What? No more pizza! No more cinnamon rolls?!

Tomorrow is our big day! I can't wait for our first March for Babies. Our team has done a FANTASTIC job of fundraising! We have raised over $1600.00!!

I have been very busy over the last 3 weeks. I am thrilled with the amount of orders we have received for the pizza and cinnamon rolls. We have made 92 pizza's and 62 pans of rolls. That means that I have made 744 cinnamon rolls! Okay I did have a little help...but still...that is a lot of dough!

Here is a few pictures of what we have been busy doing lately. Yep-my belly is getting bigger!


Anonymous said...

We wish we could be there with you. We love you very much. Love Raymond and Desiree

Eva Foster said...

You look fabulous! Did you have a certain recipe you used for the cinnamon rolls? I'm getting ready to start fundraising for my nursing school graduation and looking for ideas! :) How are you feeling?