Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Remembering Timmy

Emma: Dad, Mom, is Timothy looking down on us with God? Mom, Timothy's friend is the moon! Mom, Dad, Timothy is my best friend.

Austin: Hey dad, you think Timothy is playing football with God? (I said Yes) Well he is the Seahawks and he will beat God cause he is faster! Dad, Mom, I can't wait to see Timothy.

Kadin: Well, he just says what any 1 year old says. Points at something and says "baby"!

These statements by our kids is a small glimpse of the love our family has for Timothy. As hard as it is for families to go through losing a child, there is an overwhelming amount of love and joy for our little one.

As for me, his fragile body, smooth skin, his baby blues and most importantly, his resiliency to fight to meet us will always be remembered. My heart melts when I remember back to the moment Timmy looked for me when I said "hey buddy, it's your daddy".

Though today is the National Day of Remembering our little ones, let it not be the only day we pull together to help each other out and pray for one another.

Above all things, remember that the Lord is in control of everything.



The Finnestad Family said...

Remembering with you...

The Williams Five said...

What great memories of Timothy, and how special that the kids think of him so much!