Friday, December 19, 2008

A Timothy moment

I remember back when I was a small child and my parents took me on my first plane ride. I remember the first time I felt the plane take off and the excitement when I saw the clouds disappear beneath me. I loudly declared "Look mom, clouds!!"

This last week we took our children across the country to visit their Uncle Bill, Aunt Suzzy and cousins, Izzy and Mason.

I loved watching our little children's excitement as they saw the plane for the first time and watching the joy in their eyes when we began to lift off.

I will forever remember the words my three your old daughter said when we broke free from the clouds and saw the beautiful blue sky surround our plane. "Look mom, Timothy!!" All I could do was fight back tears and nod my head. She was so excited to finally know and understand "heaven" in her own little eyes. From now on, when ever I fly, this is what I will remember and think about.

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The Earnhardt Family said...

Oh you're tricky! You snuck two blogs in without me realizing! :-) That is really sweet and so neat that she said that, and is a wonderful thing to think of every time you ascend above the clouds in an airplane! There's something about that can be rainy and dreary below the clouds, but once you rise above the clouds, the sun shines brightly and you can see endless brilliant blue skies! Soooo wonderful...