Monday, July 27, 2009

bees and butterflies

Here are some pictures of our celebration on Saturday. We literally have hundreds of pictures so it has been hard to pick my favorites but here goes!

Our cake! As you can see bumble bee's were the theme for the party. I even spent several hours decorating the cake myself. Those bees were fun to make but took a lot of time. I just kept thinking about how much Timmy would love them! (But I didn't make the cake! I ordered one that was blank for me to decorate)

In Timothy's memory we released 60 live butterflies! They were beautiful and it was fun to watch them fly away. Some even stayed for a short visit while they landed on clothes and rested on hands . One thing that was really fun was that they continued to fly around the rest of the afternoon and we were able to watch them and continue enjoying them the entire party.

And then we just had a ton of fun together! Check out how many people wore their Timothy t-shirts!

Tomorrow is Timothy's birthday. We have a some more fun planned and I will share more in the next couple of days.


Akul's mama said...

You have a beautiful family and I am sure Timothy is happy to be a part of it. I am sorry you are walking in my shoes, shoes of a mom who has lost her child, and I understand how hard it is to experience something so life changing.

Jill Smith said...

What a beautiful event and a lovely way to honor Timothy! I love the cake and the butterflies! It looks as if life certainly was celebrated. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Still praying!