Sunday, November 29, 2009


I am filled with joy.

I know that when I say that most people will think that our new little girl is the source of that joy. She's not. I mean she is...but she's not.

My entire life has changed since Timothy. All my children have brought me joy and changed my life... I'm in love with them all, but Timothy's short life really blessed me.

I live my life with a different kind of happiness. One that comes from this little boy that lives in my heart. He will never be replaced. He will never be gone. He walks with me everywhere I go and reminds me not to take one moment for granted.
He sits in my heart right next to my Savior. The source of my joy. The One that has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams and knew exactly what he was doing...both when he gave me a tiny little boy to love and when he took him home to Heaven. He made me breath when I couldn't do it on my own, carried me when I couldn't walk, cried with me when I couldn't get out of bed and hugged me when nothing in this world could comfort me.


He has also given me JOY.

(family pictures update coming soon...I just have been too busy enjoying them to blog!)


Alisha said...

I know what you mean. At least I think. I have such PRIDE for my son. My heart literally swells when I mention him. I am forever changed by him touching my world and blessing my family. It's hard to explain, but I would never wish that loss away. As much as I'd love to have him with me I know he is where he is supposed to be. And I know how many lives he has made a difference in.

The Williams Five said...

I am so glad that you have that joy that only God can give you! What a blessing Timothy is! On a side note while I was in Portland I saw a license plate holder that said "my child has more chormosones than yours." I immediately thought of you!

Beth said...

always love your posts.

joy is my daughter's middle name. at christmas, that word is everywhere.

Jennie Bender said...

I am glad you are doing so well! The Lord is good. I have been there, too. So happy for you and your family. Think of you often=) Merry Christmas!