Friday, February 29, 2008

Email to Friends and Family

We are proud to announce that we found out today that we are having a new baby boy!

However, we were hit with some bad news. After an abnormal blood test, 2 abnormal ultrasounds, and an abnormal amnio, we have been told that our little son has Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome). T18 is a fatal diagnosis. (Trisomy 21 is Downs Syndrome; T18 is much rarer and more severe.)

Many of you may have the desire to begin praying for a miracle. Sadly, our little boy is too sick to survive. Very rarely infants with T18 can live months or even years. With what has been discovered during the ultrasounds, our little one would require a couple of major surgeries right after delivery. Because T18 is a fatal diagnosis doctors will not do any surgical intervention. We have been told that our son has a 90% chance of getting his “wings” before he enters this world. If he lives through delivery, we may have a few minutes, hours, or possibly days with him.

We have made the decision not to interrupt this pregnancy. We will enjoy every day that God chooses to bless us with him. We are 18 weeks along now; and are beginning to understand that this may be a very short pregnancy or may continue until we are due in the beginning of August.

We have already begun discussing this with our children. We have told them that God is using us to make a new angel. That their new brother is very sick and will not come home to live with us. That he will be living in Heaven with God and that their Great Grandma will help take good care of him. They have lots of questions.

Please pray that we have the wisdom to do what is best for our new son, and our growing children. Pray that God will give us strength to get through all our hard days and enjoy the good ones.

Attached is a link to the T18 foundation web site.

In his Grace,

The Currey Family

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