Thursday, February 28, 2008

Telling our children

We decided to tell our kids today. They already know something is wrong because I am spending so much time crying. Since we didn't know when our baby would pass, possibly as soon as today or tomorrow, we wanted them to start having time to process the information.

The problem is how and what do we tell a 6 year old and 3 year old (since our 1 year old is too young to understand). We don't even have the answers that we need to comprehend this, and we are going to try to ask our small children to understand?

Emma has been asking every day(multiple times a day) for the last several weeks when she will be able to hold our new baby. Austin frequently asks when the baby is coming home. We know that this is going to be hard on them. We have been praying for them to be able to cope. We have also been praying for God to guide us in what information to share and when we should expand and tell them more.

We sat down with them and told them that their brother or sister is very, very, sick. That God is going to make it an angel and take him/her to heaven to grow up there. Their only question right now is why. The only answer that we could come up with is that God made this baby very special and he wants it to live with him. They don't understand (nor do we expect them too) and we just continue to tell them that their baby is very special and will go to heaven someday. We told them that we don't know when; they might be able to hold it and love it for a while, or it might become an angel before they are able to meet it. They don't like this. Neither do we.

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