Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kevin and Austin are gone for 4 days

Kevin took Austin to Colorado to visit his dad and step-mom this weekend. It has only been about 1 week since we found out that there is a problem and I feel alone. I am busy with Emma and Kadin during the days but the evenings are lonely.

This last week has been full of thinking, but not a lot of talking. I think Kevin and I have been trying to process everything. I am anxious for him to come home so we can make our first major decision for this baby. He needs a name. I think I know what it is, but Kevin and I haven't had much time to discuss it. Naming him has been a difficult task. We normally pick a name that will grow with our child. A name that will be cute as a child and strong when they grow up. Our baby boy won't have that chance of growing up, so we are looking for a name that will preserve his legacy.

Luckily I haven't had to spend the entire weekend alone. My mom and sister, Janelle, went to the zoo and aquarium with us yesterday. Kadin and Emma had a great time. Their favorite part was the sharks in the aquarium. They loved sitting at the glass and watching the huge 11 foot sharks swim close enough that they would be able to touch them if the glass wasn't there.

I have missed my husband and son though. The house seems empty with out them. I know that they are having a wonderful time because Austin hasn't stopped long enough to talk to me on the phone; all I get is a quick "Goodnight Mom, Love you". I love that they are having such a great time. They have had long days full of fun activities and non stop play. But I can't wait until they get home.

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