Tuesday, April 29, 2008

26 Weeks - Ultrasound

We had another ultrasound of Timothy at Seimens today. The Siemens ultrasounds are mainly for our enjoyment. They spend 2 ½ hours taking pictures and getting to know him. He is continues to grow and now weighs about 1 lbs 7 oz (which is still small for his gestational age).

We had a formal ultrasound about 2 weeks ago to look at his “problem” areas. As of right now, he looks a lot like he did when diagnosed. Most things didn’t get worse but there was no improvement either. So, even though his prognosis has not changed, we like that he is active, growing, and doing as well as he is. If everything continues to go well you should be getting another update in a few weeks with more pictures.

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The Finnestad Family said...

Jennifer and Kevin....The pictures of Timothy are so precious! It grieves me to know what you are going through, and I confess to being one of those who is not always quite sure what to say. But I love how you explained your feelings about who you can tell and how hard it is to decide who and when. Please know I pray for you constantly, and I am always available to talk to. Just knowing that you want to talk about it makes me feel comfortable to be an "ear" and a shoulder for you.
Love you! Carol