Thursday, April 3, 2008

22 Weeks - Introducing Timothy James Currey

We wanted to send a quick update on our precious boy. After a lot of thinking and praying we choose to name our new little guy Timothy James Currey. Timothy means “honoring God” and James means “to go before”. We love this name because we would like to “go before and honor God”.

Today we had the wonderful opportunity to have a 3D/4D ultrasound. This was a free, non-diagnostic, ultrasound through Siemens. We were able to get some wonderful photos. Timothy is very small weighing 11 ounces. During the ultrasound he had the hiccups and wouldn’t stop moving for them to get the pictures they wanted. A typical Currey! They would like to do another ultrasound in about 6 weeks.

He has been very active the last couple of weeks and we are thrilled every time we are able to feel him kicking and rolling. At this point we are 22 ½ weeks and counting. We appreciate everyone’s prayers, cards, and encouragement.


The Finnestad Family said...

Look at that sweet little hiney-ho :) My kids think these pictures are pretty cool. I have to agree!

Anonymous said...

I have just noticed, in the top ultrasound on the left hand side, it looks like a hand is gentle caressing your son's tiny head, I believe it may have been Jesus. xx much love xx