Monday, August 4, 2008

We are off...

I would like to give everyone a large thank you and huge hug. We have been overwhelmed with support these last few days. We are going on a family trip for this week to rest and spend time with our children. They need some undivided Mom and Dad time after the busy week of babysitters while we were making plans for Timothy's burial and memorial services.

I know that you would like to hear more about Timothy's birthday and I have been working hard trying to write my memories of that day. It has been an emotional journal to write but I plan to post about Timothy's time with us when we return next week.

Thanks again for your love and support during these last few months and especially these last few days.


Jennifer Currey said...

What are we going to do for a week without you? I'm glad we were able to give you such a great send-off this afternoon. I imagine you will be enjoying your 4-1/2 hour drive a little more than I'll be enjoying "Lake Finnestad". ha ha!! Actually, half of it is soaked into the ground & the kids are having a great time. I will thoroughly enjoy hosing them off afterwards. ;) Chat with you soon.

The Finnestad Family said...

I just realized we were still logged on as YOU when I posted that comment :) Oh well...I imagine there aren't too many other Lake Finnestad's in the world, so you knew who it was!

The Young Family said...

Hi Jen,
It was good to catch up on your blog. The one about going to visit Timothy Sunday was bittersweet.
The service Saturday was beautiful. Thanks for continuing to share your thoughts with the rest of us. Praying for you this week that God will give you rest, peace and joy in Him.