Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day

6:45 am, the day starts. But in this case I was greeted with the words..."happy fathers day", rather then "get up dad and turn on the TV", or "dad get up, I am hungry" followed by the normal pouncing. No, today I was able to sleep in till...wait...wait... that's right, 7:30am.

WOW, I was re-awaken by breakfast in bed by my lovely wife and 3 1/2 kids. This was a great start to the day. We went to church this morning where it was a tribute to the guys. The men of the church brought all their classic toys; i.e. cars, motorcycles and my favorite, a '66 Mustang (though if it would have been a '67, it would have been better!).

From church we rushed home so we could give Kadin his nap, as we had a busy afternoon. Question: When was the last time you took 3 kids under the age of 7 miniature golfing? My suggestion, don't try to keep score. We had an awesome time, and also another opportunity to have a fun experience with the kids and Timothy. Jen golfed with Kadin on her hip. I tried to be serious about making par, but that went out the window around the fourth hole when Emma and Kadin thought it would be fun to throw the ball in the water. We will definitely go back again.

To finish off the afternoon, it was time for pizza and movies. Funny though, for the first time ever, Austin and Emma could not agree on a movie, and I had to get one for each of them. Funny how fast they grow up and want their own things.

And for all you dads out there, what would fathers day be with fixing an appliance and the US Golf Open. In between movies, it was all I could do to watch the open and fix our washing machine. Remarkably, I was able to both. Washer is fixed now, and there is an 18 hole playoff tomorrow with Tiger and Rocco...go Tiger!

Finally, I have to say I love you to my wife. With everything that is going on, she does a wonderful job with our kids, and made today a great day for me. I probably would have been lazy and laid around the house doing nothing, but with her encouragement to get and spend the day in the in the sun (hey, we live in Washington, not much sun this year!) was the best thing for me, and in my kids eyes, the best thing for them too.

11:30pm...the day ends!


Myers 3 said...
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Myers 3 said...

Lets try this again, I tried posting this morning, but I couldn't make sense of what I was thinking... So I posted on my own blog page because of its length. We love you.

The Finnestad Family said...

Sounds like a great day! We should get our families together for a mini-golf competition. I can only imagine how fun (and entertaining) that would be.