Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wild Waves

Another great Timothy day!

My entire family took a vacation day from work yesterday and went to Wild Waves and Enchanted Park. The park opened at 10:00 am and it was already starting to get warm. We knew that we didn't want to be spending the "hot" part of the day doing the rides so we went straight to the roller coasters. It was a great day to go. Since most families go on the weekend, our children were able to have a wonderful time free of crowds. Several times they were able to stay on a ride and enjoy it 2 or 3 times in a row.

We made it over to the water part by about 2:00 in the afternoon. The kids were exhausted but tried to spend some time in the wave pool and kid area. About 30 minutes later they started dropping like flies. Emma was the first to fall asleep, then Kadin, and finally Austin. They all slept about 2 hours! By the time they woke up everyone was starting to get hungry so after a couple more minutes in the wave pool we were off for dinner and home.

Since it's bed time right now I will post pictures tomorrow :-)


Aunt Laura said...

That sure was a fun day, Thanks for inviting me. We sure made a lot of memories. I love the new website look.

Love Aunt Laura

The Earnhardt Family said...

How fun! That must have been SO great having some you & Kevin time while the kids were sleepig! And then some good ol' family time before and after - AND free of crowds! THAT'S GREAT!!!

Myers 3 said...

We had a great time and so did the boys, it was a great idea, thanks Jen. Here are a couple of verses for you to look up and glean some encouragement from as you persevere through your trials, as it was mentioned in Sunday's sermon, I thought of you:
1 Peter 1:3-9
James 1:2-8 and 12-18
This is easier for me to say than it is for you to live out, but you will be all the more blessed, and you are encouraging me.