Friday, July 18, 2008

A glorious day

A glorious day...

I have been thinking about those words frequently lately. "The day you meet your son will be here before you know it. It will be a glorious day."

I have taken comfort in these words not just because they were written to me, but because of who they were written by.

I have emailed several times with another T18 mom in the last couple of months. Erin is a wonderful mother that lost her son, Tyler, at 33 weeks. She has lived through every emotion that I have felt. She has experienced the same feelings of love for Tyler that I feel for Timothy and has known the same feelings of helplessness.

A glorious day...

Erin remembers the day she met Tyler as a glorious day. She was never able to feel his breath, hear his cry, or see him open his eyes, but it was a glorious day.

I can't say that I fully understand yet but I am able to take comfort in those words.


The Earnhardt Family said...

Wow...I just can't imagine... I'm glad you're in contact with her, I'm sure it is very helpful to talk with someone who's "been there". Glorious...I can see how that would be incomprehensible. (is that a word???) You know what I mean! :o)

In my prayers,

Erin said...

I wait with anticipation for the day I get to meet Timothy whether it be on earth or in heaven. I believe that will be a glorious day for me. Why? Because there is something inside me that says I get to see a glimpse of God in his full glory through Timothy. Timothy has a PURPOSE and a CALLING. No matter if he takes one breath on this earth or not, he will fulfill his calling.

I have never seen a child impact a family as much as when the child has a condition like trisomy 18. I have seen families bond together like never before. I have seen communities rally up the troops to support a family. I have seen people repent from their ways and turn towards God. I have seen one little being change the world and not even have to take a breath to do it. Now that is humble, noble, selfless, and CHRIST-like.

May these next few weeks or days be a time of peace, but also anticipation in getting to see the glory of God revealed in Timothy.

mom To Tyler (t-18)
& Micah 13 months

The Earnhardt Family said...

Again, wow... (Erin's comment) I'm speechless...very well written and a phenomenal vantage point...