Monday, July 28, 2008

He's Here!! He's Here!!

We are so thrilled to announce the arrival of Timothy James Currey! He was born at 3:55 pm (after only two pushes!) weighing 4 lbs 12.9 oz. and measuring 16-1/2" long. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. What a joy it was to watch him take his first breath. He is a little fighter, working hard to continue breathing and enjoying each moment with his family. He has already had the privilege of meeting his very proud brothers and sister, along with Grandma & Grandpa Myers and Auntie Janelle.

At the moment he is cuddled up on his Mommy's chest - one of the most tender and precious moments you can imagine. It was so incredible watching him open his eyes as he heard his Daddy's voice too! Two separate times when Kevin bent down to kiss him and talk with him, little Timothy opened his eyes as if he were looking to see his Daddy.

Kevin and Jennifer have shown unimaginable strength and courage through this process - the kind of strength only the Lord could give them. We praise God for the indescribable gift of meeting Timothy.



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful answer to prayer! We will continue praying for the Currey family!

Kelly Lopez

Susie Merrell said...

Wow!! Praise God for answered prayers! Timothy is now in your amazing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Timothy!!!! Congratulations, Currey family!!!!
We will continue to pray for precious, beautiful moments together, and wonderful memories created! What a delight to hear that you've finally been able to meet your precious son face to face!

The Bauers - with cheers from the kids when they heard of Timothy's safe arrival!... we've been obsessively stalking your blog today :-)

The Lawrence Family said...

God is good!!!! We are celebrating with you and are so excited for the time you get to spend with Baby Timothy. Like the Bauers...we too were stalking your blog. I knew that because we hadn't heard anything for so long that something good must have happened. Praise God :-)

New Mom and Dad - to-be said...

Praise the Lord!!! Oh, blessings on you Currey family as you enjoy this time with Timothy!! Welcome, precious little one!!!

The Young Family said...

Praise God. We are so thrilled that God answered the desire of your heart to meet Timothy. What a wonderful picture Karen painted of Jen holding him and him responding to Kevin's voice. What a precious gift!
With continued prayer,
The Youngs

The Wagner's said...

We're so incredibly happy for you that you got to meet Timothy- that's fantastic!!! Our prayers continue to be with you, and we can't wait to see pictures!!!! All our love and support to you-
The Wagner's

Anonymous said...

I've got tears in my eyes. Tears of joy to know that you get some "time" with Timothy. Praise God. Love - Cami

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad God has answered your prayers to hold Timothy today! Praise God, and enjoy!
Linda Jancola

stacyjanelle said...

Thank you Jennifer and Kevin for the gift of Timothy James Currey. Holding him is a memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Listening to his tiny moans and looking into his baby blue eyes - what a gift from God! I love you both - Your sister, Janelle