Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cardiac Evaluation

After long consideration we decided to have a Cardiac Evaluation done on Timothy's heart. We understand that surgical intervention is not in Timothy's best interest but we would like to have an understanding of his survival chances (from a cardiac standpoint) in the event that he is born alive.

Yesterday I went to a pediatric and neonatal cardiac specialist, Dr Lee, and had a fetal echo done. He told us that Timothy has a large VSD that in essence could save his life because he has a Double Outlet of the Right Ventricle.

I will try to explain this. In a normal heart the blood leaves the heart twice. Once to go to the lungs to get oxygen. The second time to take the oxygenated blood to the body. The unoxygenated blood leaves through the right ventricle. The oxygenated blood leaves through the left ventricle.

Timothy does not have the artery attached to his left ventricle he needs to send the oxygenated blood to his body. Instead it is attached to his right ventricle. With out the hole in between his ventricles he would not be able to send oxygen to his body. The hole will allow the oxygen from his left ventricle to mix with the unoxygenated blood and send the partially oxygenated blood to his body. He has the potential to survive with this diagnosis (with out surgical intervention) for an extended period of time. There are some complications that can occur with this diagnosis and he may have "cardiac symptoms" during his life. He may also need the support of oxygen.

I am happy with this diagnosis. I know that there are many Cardiac conditions that will cause death at delivery. Since we don't expect to have Timothy for a long period of time it is comforting to know that (if he survives birth) his heart can sustain life for a while.

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