Monday, May 26, 2008


We made it home! Thank you to everyone that prayed for good worked! On Friday we were debating canceling the trip or changing locations but decided to go and just enjoy the rain.

We ended up leaving a little later then planned on Friday (mostly because I didn't get all the packing done on time), and traffic was a little thick but we arrived in Teanaway Washington at about 8:00 pm. We had just enough light to pop up the trailer, then put the kids to bed. The Wagners were shortly behind us and after a few minutes of talking we tucked ourselves into bed and planned for rain in the morning.

When we got up in the morning we were quite surprised to see SUN. We spent the morning taking walks, watching the kids ride bikes, and throwing rocks in the river. I even tried Ziploc omelets for the first time. I was thrilled when the Earnhardts came for lunch and we were able to play with them for a while. Before we knew it the day was over and we were lighting up the fire for smores. We didn't have to worry about giving the kids too much sugar before bed because they were out before their heads hit the pillows. The adults stayed up enjoying the night air and roasting marshmallows together until it started to sprinkle. We were able to clean up and get inside the trailers just minutes before the down poor. Which would have been great if it wasn't for the fact that we don't have a bathroom in our trailer and I have that big pregnant belly causing me to have to go to the bathroom every couple of hours!

Sunday morning was definitely the highlight of the weekend. I was very worried about having to go to the hospital during the camping trip. Well, that is where we ended up...

Thankfully it wasn't for me and Timothy! My darling husband was the ER victim. Kevin made his ritual cup of boiling hot coffee and while attempting to sit in the chair by the fire the paper cup exploded and he ended up with large burns on his right arm and abdomen. After the diagnosis of second degree burns and a prescription for some pain medicine (which he refused to take except to sleep) we were back to the campsite by lunch.

Before dinner we decided it was time to go see the water fall. It is about a 30 minute drive up the mountain from the campsite and a wonderful place to get family pictures. As we were driving we began spying patches of snow. Before we know it, we were about the get our van stuck in the snow and decided to stop and turn around. Before we went back to the campsite, we hiked around and really enjoyed the snow. Kevin and Kadin were in sandals and no one had coats, but it was sooo much fun. Austin and Gabe rolled around in the snow until they were soaking wet!

As we got back for dinner we were blessed with the full storm experience. We had rain with lightning and thunder. I'm not talking thunder that is miles away, I mean it was right on top of us and LOUD. The storm passed within 45 minutes and we were able to make another campfire and enjoy the evening.

Just a recap; we had sun, rain, snow, sleet, thunder, lightening, and clouds all in 2 days.

We came home and had pizza and movie night with the kids. Now they are tucked into bed. I don't think that they are asleep yet but I'm sure that it won't take long. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.


The Wagner's said...

What a wild trip, huh?! Well, we had a great time, (Gabe's already asking when we are going again!)and hopefully somehow we can do some more playing with you guys this summer! Went and got those awesome marshmallow sticks like yours last night as well, can't wait to use them!

The Earnhardt Family said...

No pictures to go with your blog yet?!? I'm disappointed... KIDDING! :o) I'm SO glad you had such a wonderful time, and that the weather was so great (and entertaining!) for you all!!! And that Kevin...ya can't take him anywhere! ;-D BOYS!

I'm truly glad that you had such a great time! Hopefully you'll get to fit in another camping trip and we'll be able to join you next time! Hoping and praying!!!

New Mom and Dad - to-be said...

Looked like a great trip! What a beautiful family you have!!! Glad it was an enjoyable trip and you got to go camping with Timothy.



Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! The Lord showed His power in MANY ways!! :) I love the pictures in your slide show!! Glad you had fun.