Thursday, May 22, 2008

Getting Ready for Camping

I have spent the last couple of days getting ready for camping. I have completed loads of laundry, shampooed the carpets, washed my floors, and done the shopping. I still have a lot of work to do. I need to pack for everyone (except Kevin-he has to do his own packing!). Since the weather is not going to be as nice as I would have liked; I have to pack a lot of supplies. We need a ton of-just in case-stuff. Including things for sunny moments, rainy days, cold nights, and clothes to play in the river and get muddy.

I find myself lost in the details, but at the same time struggling. I am almost 30 weeks now. I keep wondering if this will be our only camping trip with Timothy. We will be about 2 hours away from our hospital and I am a little concerned about pre-term labor or complications. I struggle with the unknown, it is hard for me to have absolutely no control. I remember when I was 20 weeks and struggled with the thought of keeping him safe for another 20 weeks. Now I realize that I have less then 10 weeks to go. Suddenly I feel like this is going to be over soon and I'm not ready.

But none the less I am excited to go and can't wait for our first family camping trip of the year. I stocked up on band aids and marshmallows; we are sure to be prepared for anything. Please pray that we have good weather and a great time. I will post pictures as soon as we return!


The Finnestad Family said...

Wish we could have joined you for this trip. I'm looking forward to making other great summer memories with your family. Praying for you this weekend & confident that you will have plenty of "family-bonding" moments :)

The Earnhardt Family said...

I sure wish we could have joined you for more than a few hours out there on Saturday... Thanks for helping with Jenna, you are so great and selfless :-) ~Praying for you all~ -Denise